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How Do I Use the One-Click API for ZOOMstudio on My Website?

This guide will walk you through using the ZOOMstudio One-Click API on your website. Allow website visitors to generate sell sheets, presentations, catalogs, flyers and more with one click.

The One-Click API is a powerful way to enhance your website. Autogenerate presentations and more with your current product data.

Use the API to instantly generate:

  • Presentations
  • Sell Sheets
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Comparison pages
  • And more!

The following are non-technical explanations. Your developers will need the technical documentation below to implement the API completely.

Using the One-Click API on Product Pages (Single Product)

Implement the One-Click API on your product details pages. Users can click a button to automatically generate a sell sheet or flyer from each of your product pages with your current product data. They will receive a shareable link in seconds and can share it as is or click to edit.

When Implementing the API you can select a layout from the ZOOMstudio Layout Library or order a custom layout. The layout will determine the look and feel of the published design.

Using the One-Click API for Lists (Multiple Products)

Implement the one-click API for product lists such as wishlists, favorites, project folders, shopping carts, categories, or comparison tools. The products in the list communicated with ZOOMstudio will be automatically laid out into a single design, and your website visitor will get a shareable link they can share as is or edit.

Now your website users can click a button to assemble selected products into a design with one click.


Implement the auto-login API to require users to log in to your website in order to generate the marketing and sales materials they need. This login will ensure their designs are saved to their account and that tracking and analytics can be associated with the user.

Technical Documentation

Send the One-Click API technical documentation to your IT team. They include instructions for implementing the one-click API. You will also need to provide them with the link to your ZOOMstudio. If you don’t have the link, reach out to us at customersuccess@zoomcatalog.com.

Access ZOOMstudio One-Click API Documentation Here