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How Do I Use the Auto-Login API for ZOOMstudio on my website?

This guide will walk you through our auto-login API for ZOOMstudio, which will allow your website visitors to access your ZOOMstudio by logging in to your website instead of zoomcatalog.com.

Users who have logged into your website will automatically be logged into their ZOOMcatalog account when they click on your ZOOMstudio link. This allows them to use your ZOOMstudio without being asked to log in to zoomcatalog.com

Using the autologin service reduces the number of steps a user has to take to use ZOOMstudio, provides a more seamless experience, and often results in higher usage of the tool.

A High-Level Summary: How to Implement 

NOTE: Your developers will need the technical documentation below to implement the API completely.

  1. Authorize a user on your website (e.g., have the user log in with an email and password).
  2. Use the authorize API endpoint to retrieve a user_token.
  3. Use the token and the link to your ZOOMstudio to make a request to the autologin API endpoint.
  4. Use the autologin URL to embed a link or button to ZOOMstudio on your website. When a user clicks this autologin URL, they will be taken to ZOOMstudio and automatically logged in.

Technical Documentation

Send the API technical documentation to your IT team. They include instructions for implementing the auto-login API. You will also need to provide them with the link to your ZOOMstudio. If you don't have the link, reach out to us at support@zoomcatalog.com.