Roles and Permissions in Smart Layouts

Different users belonging to your company can have different roles. This article looks at how those roles differ in relation to ZOOMstudio Smart Layouts.

ZOOMstudio Smart Layouts uses the new and improved user management features being rolled out across the ZOOMcatalog tools. These new features introduce multi-user support and user roles for companies.

We have 3 different user roles available. Admin, Manager, and Rep. The role the user is assigned determines what they can and can not see and do.

All team members can create and share templates, but different roles have different access. Here is the breakdown by role: 


A user with the rep role can login to the new dashboard at to see and manage their own designs. They can view, edit and delete their designs as well as see total views.

A rep can upload assets to the asset library. For each asset they upload, they can choose to keep it private, share it with their team or share it with everyone (including distributors). 

As a Rep user, you can also create, edit, and delete designs you have created. You can not see or manage designs created by other users.


A user with the manager role can login to the new dashboard at to see and manage their own designs, as well as designs created by the team and distributors. Managers can view, edit and delete all designs in the dashboard as well as see total views.

A manager can also upload assets and choose to keep them private, share them with the team, or make them public. They can also see and use any public or team assets others have uploaded.


A user with the admin role can do everything a manager can, as well as change brand and company settings, add users, and more.

We recommend assigning 1-3 people as admin.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please send us a message