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Data, GDPR, ZOOMcatalog

We are committed to data protection and security at ZOOMcatalog. As a company providing our services throughout North America, Europe, and Africa, we are constantly working to comply with local privacy requirements.

At this time, our focus is on becoming fully GDPR compliant. As we move through this process, we will maintain this document and keep you updated on our progress.



Data management and accessibility

We continue to work on providing more tools for better data management. Recently introducing improved team member management, access controls, and improved company and user-level settings.


We're continuing to introduce more tools for users to self-manage and access their own data. Giving them complete control at all times about the data they do or do not share.



Consent & transparency

We are working to introduce informative consent dialogues throughout our products. Dialogues that clearly explain our data collection practices and make sure the user is informed at every stage.


Through our support documentation, you can clearly see where we store information, how we use information, and the different cookies we use. We will continue to be transparent about how we collect and use data.



If you have any questions about ZOOMcatalog data protection and ongoing efforts. Please contact us at hello@zoomcatalog.com