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How To Set Up A Vanity Url For A Zoomcatalog

Every ZOOMcatalog is automatically assigned its own zoomcatalog.com link. If you would like to mask that link with your own vanity URL, please follow these steps:

  1. Secure the domain you would like to use for your catalog (you can register a new one on sites like godaddy.com and register.com)

  2. Configure the DNS for the domain to point to the IP

  3. Contact the ZOOMcatalog support team (hello@zoomcatalog.com) and let them know you are setting up a vanity URL for your catalog, and that you have pointed the DNS to the one mentioned above.

  4. If you are using an SSL on the domain, please also share the private key and the PEM file so that our team can configure it on our end.

  5. The ZOOMcatalog team will work to get your new vanity URL set up. This can take a couple of business days.