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How To Customize a ZOOMcatalog

A guide to help you customize a supplier's ZOOMcatalog. Adding your logo and sharing with your customers.

Whether you are searching for customizable catalogs on ZOOMcatalog.com/customize, custom search engines, or custom supplier portals - this guide will walk you through how to customize the catalog.


TIP - If you don't have a ZOOMcatalog account, sign up for one (it is free). When you sign up, you will be prompted to add your contact information and logo to your account. This information is used in the catalog that you personalize.


Steps to follow when customizing your catalog.

1. Login to your ZOOMcatalog account.

2. Go to "Customize" on the top menu.

3. Find the catalog you want to customize and click on the "customize" button or the cover of the catalog.

4. The customize tool will open, and you will be prompted through the process.

5. Name your catalog. Whatever you name your catalog, it will become part of your catalog URL, so name wisely.

6. Click next

7. Move your logo (this is the logo you added to your profile when you signed up for an account) that is on the cover of your catalog into position (different catalogs have different placement areas).


TIP - You can replace the whole cover of the catalog at this time if you want. You will need to upload a JPG, usually 8.5" x 11", if you want a completely custom cover.


8. Click next

9. Choose what information you want to show in your contact block. This is the information you entered when you created your account.

10. Click save, and your catalog will start publishing.


11. Once your catalog is published, you will be taken to a screen with all of your catalog details.


12. If you want to edit your catalog, you can edit it from the published page, or you can return you your ZOOMcatalog dashboard, and edit the catalog from there.