How Do I Make an Editable Template?

Your team can make any design into a shareable template. Toggle the template option in the design settings and publish. The published design will allow users to sign in and make a design from the new template.

  1. Create a design (start from the supplier dashboard or the ZOOMstudio start page “Make it Quick”).
  2. In “Design Settings”, give your design a name in the “General” tab.
  3. Click the “Template” tab at the top of the menu next to “General”.
  4. Toggle the setting to make your design a shareable template.
  5. Click “Save Settings” to begin creating your design.
  6. Once you are done editing, click “Publish Design”.
  7. Set template permissions and choose who the template is for:
    • Only you: Only you will see the template in the dashboard, however, anyone with the link can use it.
    • Your team: Your team will find the template in the dashboard.
Public: Distributors can find and use the template in the ZOOMstudio Template Library, and your team can find it in the dashboard.