Adding videos to your ZOOMcatalog is quick and easy.

If your final PDF does not already have your "Play Video" image next to the items you want your video linked to, you will have to add these to your PDF and add your video links to the image.

TIP: YouTube and Vimeo links work best in ZOOMcatalogs.

1. How to add images to your PDF in Adobe Acrobat PRO

a) Open your PDF and locate the item where your video will show

b) Click "Edit PDF" on the right side of your screen

c) Click "Add Image" on the menu at the top of the PDF

d) Browse to a PNG of your "Play Video" image

e) Resize and place on the page

f) Click "Add URL" and drag a vox over your "Play Video" button

g) Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video you want to show

When you have finished adding your "Play Video" buttons and hyperlinks to your video, save your PDF.

These links will be translated to Videos in your ZOOMcatalog.

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