Adding a catalog search to an existing website.

These mini catalog searches include all catalogs you will find on if you have a FREE distributor account. If you would like to refine which supplier catalogs appear in your mini-search, you need to upgrade your account (which can be easily done from your dashboard once you are signed in to your account).

TIP - The catalogs on these sites automatically update when a supplier adds a new catalog to ZOOMcatalog or remove old catalogs. Your catalog search will always have the most up to date content for your customers to browse!

Examples of mini-searches that can be made by premium members are:

  • Apparel Search

  • Food Gifts

  • Just certain suppliers you love and use regularly.

Creating a mini-search with all the supplier catalogs in your free distributor account:

1. Click the button "Build and Edit"

2. Click "Add a new catalog search engine"

3. Select the functions you want on your catalog search.

4. Save your selections.

5. Click home. There you will see your catalog search and your options.

6. If you want to embed your catalog search into your existing website, click the embed code icon ( </> ) and copy the code and paste it onto a page on your site.

If you would like to have a stand-alone catalog search with your company information up at the top, you will need to prepare an image (JPEG or PNG). The size should be 500px wide and a minimum of 100px high.

Here is an example of a stand-alone catalog search.

You can also have a generic header on your search, and you can adjust the color of the background to match your website. All you will have to do is adjust the Hex Code in the builder.

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